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Have you ever felt stuck, lost or overwhelmed, wondering if things will ever change for the better? Or perhaps you have the feeling that something is missing, like life is passing you by. Maybe your energy feels depleted, you know what you 'should' do to help yourself but for one reason or another you seem to fall into the same unhelpful patterns or habits. 


Sometimes, the longer we go on feeling this way, the more we feel helpless and hopeless and we can beat ourselves up for how we think, feel and behave. We end up either trying to avoid our feelings or becoming overwhelmed and paralysed by them. It can feel like an inner struggle and it's exhausting! 

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I have great news for you!

The good news is that there is a way to change things for the better. I can help you learn new skills to handle difficult thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories more effectively. Together, we can put together a bespoke 'toolkit' that works for you, it isn't about struggle but rather about acknowledging and accepting those things that are beyond our control and at the same time, doing things differently. 


Part of this involves getting really clear on what is important to you and to take small, realistic and achievable steps towards living a life with more meaning. It's a bit like learning a blueprint for a rich and meaningful life. 


Another important element is understanding our basic neurobiology and how that influences us. Once we learn how human brains work, we can begin to see ourselves with more self-compassion and patience and this in turn provides fuel for meaningful change.


I have helped hundreds of people affected by a cancer of diagnosis to do exactly this. Even when the unthinkable happens, you can feel calmer, more resilient and more able to make informed decisions and lead a life with real meaning and purpose.


As we do this work together, you will get more understanding of;

* Who you are

* Why you do the things you do

* What you want in life

* What you can DO differently


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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