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Some people are very clear on their goals and about the type of therapy they want. For example, they have heard about how powerful hypnotherapy is for their particular concern or they have heard how tapping on acupressure points with Emotional Freedom Technique can bring relief for a range of issues.  Perhaps they have heard about Donna Eden's amazing work in energy healing or they are interested in learning mindfulness and other skills to reduce, stress, anxiety and tension. Others aren't sure what they need, they just want to feel better and that's what we all deserve, it's our birthright!

My approach is to listen to you first, find out what has been going on for you, what is holding you back from thriving, what keeps you up at night. But in addition to this, what makes you light up, what do you love, who would you like to be? 

The truth is, often, it's not about the method, it's about finding the way that suits you to break free from limitations and really live your life!​


Our Services



Face to Face Therapy

My practice rooms are in Sheffield, if you can get there!



Find out which therapies I offer remotely.


Online Courses

Exciting projects afoot! Watch this space





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